Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artifact Pots?

While I was wading in the Banana River last winter and fishing I saw something unusual in the water last winter (2008). It was round and clay like in color. I knew this was not normal in nature, so I thought I would take a better look, I gently washed away the sand and found eight pots all up side down and in perfect rows as if they had fallen over board off a ship while unloading their cargo and the container rotted away.

I have lived near this area most of my life and I have never seen the river so low, the area were I found the pots was less than two miles from Port Canaveral I know that it is a natural inlet, and most trade in the early days was by ship. I have tried to do some research and have not had much luck. If you know anything about artifact pots please let me know.
Later after talking with some people and showing the pictures, the objects seem to be crucible, may be from pre-civil war.

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